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Privacy Policy

In store, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers to the extreme level, and by agreeing to the store customer’s privacy policy, you allow us to collect, use, and detect your personal information only according the privacy policy with limits. We will never sell, use or show your personal information to any third party with or without a fee.

How store gets customer’s personal information?

When creating a new account on store, we request couple of personal information from the customer, which requires to enter all information correctly to complete the registration process on store, and to ensure there is no incorrect or false information.

Personal information we collect

Your name, address, email, phone number, and other basic information.

Financial information like: Credit card/debit, or bank account details in some operations.

To verify customer’s information, we might request your identity or your location, for example: a copy of your ID, passport, driving license, or register/guarantee certificate.

Security procedures

When completing the registration process, you can start ordering from store securely against any fraud operations from the following procedures:

Record and store your IP address and the number of times you entered the store.

Collect usage and access information which allows us to prevent opening multiple accounts or fraud behaviors, or to protect our systems against any illegal attacks.

We have the right to share these information with a trusted specialized fraud management to help us analyze the data.

We use cookies, they are small files which are stored on a customer’s computer to save records. The collected and stored information via cookies might be against the information stored on our systems.

We get the personal and secret information from the following sources:
- Information from the store, from written forms, models and other ways of entering data.
- Information from an indirect third party entry to verify user and to prevent any fraud or falsity. 
- Information from a third party you confirm and agree on sharing it with us.
- Information about selling, buying and payment date.

Internal usage of personal information

We collect, store, process your personal information on our servers in the US and we reserve our financial, electronic, and procedures guarantees to protect our services 24/7. 

We use your personal information to activate your account on store, to execute your processes, and to provide all services on store.

We also share some of the information just like banks or credit card/debit processing services, or identity verifying as part of the normal commerce process. But we only reveal the last 6 digits of your credit card or debit for verifying customer’s information (all financial information are stored using fully secure encrypted ways).

The purpose of sharing these information is to identify and verify the customers, to reduce the possibility fraud operations, and the financial threats on our store. When we have a suspicion on any customer action or a customer exposes a fraud operation, we have the right to question about any personal information. Using our services you agree on sharing your personal information for these purposes.

Personal information control

If any change happen in your personal information (like name, address, or phone number), you should update these information from your “profile” in your account on store, or by calling store customer service. store is not responsible of any loss from failing to keep your personal information secure. If you want to close your account, you need to call the customer service. We are committed to keep some of your records for at least 5 years after closing the account.

Personal information protection store deals with your account information in a high level of security, and protect personal information against any unauthorized access, to use, or to disclosure it. Credit card/debit and bank account details are only stored in encrypted models on computer devices that are not connected to the internet. Once you login to your account and your personal information is transferred via the internet, all internet communications are using (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) technique with high security encryption 128BIT to ensure none of your personal information arrives to another person via the internet. 

Nevertheless, this level of protection can’t be 100% effective, only if you follow your own protection policy. You must not share your account information with anyone. And if you are worried because one of your personal information is revealed, you must change it immediately after logging in to your acco